‚ÄčAs a way to promote our wonderful Irish Dexter Cattle and to get breeders to network together in a peaceful manner, the OVDBA has been established.  We are a group of breeders who have been showing and selling animals for over 15 years now and have progressed in numbers to move forward to forming this group.

The Ohio Valley covers approximately 7 states surrounding Ohio, but we want to make it clear that it is for anyone in any state to join in. Ohio Valley just sounded cool and historic. There are Dexter breeder associations located in the West but not many here in the Eastern part of the US.

With the help of friends, we will meet as a group throughout the year to plan a main show to exhibit our wonderful cows, help each other in the keeping and registering, testing, selling, buying, milking, and selling of beef. There is so much information out there and our group will be there to help each other weed through it all. Promoting the breed along with our youth is also a major focus of OVDBA. Without the youth getting involved and taking over farming operations, the breed will slip back into limited numbers like it had in the past. The youth is our next generation, so teaching them now and getting them involved in showing is the best way to make those connections. Lastly, through networking, educating, researching and teaching each other how to look for the desirable qualities of our animals, we can breed well conformed and solid animals that are within the standards of the Dexter breed.